Hikari Sanehara
Hikari sanehara-1-72
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 実原 氷里
Name (Romanji) Sanehara Hikari
Age 16
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 12th
Blood Type B
Affiliation Kouga Academy, Class 1-C
Likes Camera, Plants and Flowers, Being Alone
Dislikes Nonsense, Nosiness, Taking Portraits
Occupation Photo Club member
Voiced By Kaori Mizubashi
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Manga Photo Club: Happy Album
Photo Club: Love Album
Anime Episode 1

Hikari Sanehara (実原 氷里 Sanehara Hikari?) is a member of the Photo Club, one of the protagonist's choice of club entry in the game prologue.



Plot (Anime)


  • Hikari has an older brother who already a college student. Her brother never really showed up on any media, she only mentioned him on the game when Kazuya (controlled by player) asks her whom she usually gives Valentine chocolate to.
  • Her eyesight is actually bad and she wears a contact lens.
  • She really hates English due to trauma from her childhood's experience.
  • She insists for everyone to call her just by "Sanehara". The only one who able to use '-chan' honorific call is Rina Yunoki, who calls Hikari by "Sane-chan". Hikari can't go against Rina since she is big fan of Rina's cooking.