Kazuya Maeda
Kazuya maeda-1-76
"The ordinary high school sophomore who met destiny with a camera"
Personal Information
Name (Kanji) 前田 一也
Name (Romanji) Maeda Kazuya
Nickname(s) Dattsun, Eleki, Billy
Age 17
Gender Male
Affiliation Kouga Academy, Class 2-B
Family Kanon Maeda (younger sister)
Unknown Parents
Likes Photography
Occupation Photography Club/Photo Club (depending on player's choice)
Voiced By Nobunaga Shimazaki (Anime)
First Appearance
Game Photo Kano (PSP)
Photo Kano Kiss
Manga Photo Kano: Sweet Snap Chapter 01
Photo Kano: Your Eyes Only Chapter 01
Photo Kano: Memorial Pictures Chapter 01
Photo Kano: Happy Album Chapter 01
Anime Episode 1

Kazuya Maeda (前田 一也 Maeda Kazuya?) is the lead male protagonist of the story who tried many hobbies to impress girls but always stop half-way. His main love interest is with his childhood friend, Haruka Niimi.


He has brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the standard white school uniform in the summer season. He usually wears small container on his waist to store his camera.


Kazuya has a calm and kind personality, although to dumbfounded in case-of-situations such as choosing which club to join in the story's prologue.

On the game, before the prologue, player get to chose personality for Kazuya. It doesn't affect the story at all, only give player different set of default topic to choose during the Biorhythm Talk with the girls.


During the last day of summer holiday, Kazuya was given a DSLR camera his father used to have. He feels good and interested on photography when he does a photo session with his little sister Kanon, and so he wants to take more pictures and starts to bring the camera to the school. The first day of the new semester, Kazuya is scouted by two photography clubs, the official Photo Club which takes official event and activities of the academy and currently in need of new member, and Photography Club which only takes pictures of borderline erotic of the girls.


  • Both Kazuya and Junichi Tachibana from the Amagami story share the same photography hobby.
  • During the time when he was into guitar, Kazuya wrote a love song, "Love Love True Love". It is one of two songs player can choose during Rina Yunoki 's event on her story H, where Asuka Ougame and Mariya Ise sang the song together as their own respective character. The song is included on the Photo Kano Original Soundtrack CD .